Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The End

Hey everybody,

Well, thus ends our run with 'The Panel.' It really has been quite a run, thanks to our guests and the support of our listeners and colleagues. Joe, Ian, and I have a lot of people to thank for their help and energy:

-First of all, Joel Pfannenstiel, the owner of Astro Kitty Comics and More ( has been a supporter of the show from day one. He was our first guest, helped us get in contact with many a creator, always had great suggestions for the show, and generally acted as a papa for us and our lil' comic book radio talk show. There's a reason why we rate our books on a scale of Joels, and why five Joels is considered such high praise for a book. That reason? 'Cause Joel fucking rules.

-Andy Dierks and Courtney Ryan, our former Program Advisor and Station Manager at KJHK, respectively, were both integral in getting all of the elements in order for us to do this show. Great people. <3

-Chris Dickinson, our IT director at KJHK, helped us put our shows on the net for all to hear (good or bad?). I can't thank him enough for his work and his help with alla them ones and zeroes.

-Nick Ray, our current Program Director, has been supportive, encouraging, informative, and sweet to us throughout our entire run. Without his tireless confidence boosts, I don't know if we would've accomplished half of what we did.

-ALL of our guests (too many to list here) were generous and patient with us, and we got to talk to some truly illustrious comic book creators and friends. This show has been a tremendous opportunity for us to talk to our heroes, and I can't thank the interviewees enough for allowing us their time and thoughts.

-Everyone who called in, listened, fit our show into their schedule, downloaded a show, or took the time to talk to us about what could be improved/compliment us-- THANK YOU. You made this show. Thank you for caring about it!

-And lastly, thanks to Joe and Ian. This show was a lot of work and taxed us each in different ways, but we pulled together and made it through. I can't thank them both for the extensive amount of work they did for the show.

Well, that's it for us. Who knows, maybe over Spring Break, after a few more episodes of 'Lost' (and a few drinks) we'll have a Special Edish in which we giggle like schoolchildren, debating the merits of the 'Lost' Love Quadrilateral (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet-- or maybe BEN?). Only time will tell.

Thank you all. Happy holidays.
See ya' in the funny papers,