Sunday, October 01, 2006

CONstantly CONfoundingly CONderful!

(I tried on that last word up there. Sorry. But I really did try!)

A big THANK YOU to ever-ee-one who came by our table at the Free State FreeCon! It was such a good time, and we got to talk to friends new and old, as well as spread the word about our little comic talk show baby.
Speaking of babies, there were SO MANY cute babies and kids at the Con! I saw one kid dressed up as Superman, and another as Batman... comic fan parents rule.
A big thanks also goes out to Craig Klotz, who invited us to be at the Con in the first place. It was such a great time. Thank you, Craig. Freals!

Also, Ian got to sell his minicomic to the FreeStateMasses, and he did quite well! CONgratulations to Lawrence's new minicomic star.

That's our boy!

I also got to sell some of my baked goods. The whole day was a smile-maker.

Once again, thanks a lot! And if this is your first visit to the site, browse around for some interviews with comic creators you love! Tell us what you think of the podcasts, and have a great day!
Hi-C or Kool-aid?,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Steampunk? Cliffhanger?

12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ian's comic is brilliant! GO BUY IT!


6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ian! Dave Barry LOVES your comic!

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


your comic is quite good. i think you should continue to do indie comics as long as you have stories to tell and it's fun for you.

you should consider collaborating at some point with other artists, ala Harvey Pekar, as I think your writing is much stronger than your artwork (though your artwork does have a sort of "outsider art" feel to it, don't get me wrong).

is there an artist or twain in your immediate area or one you could collaborate with via the internet to achieve such a synergy? you should try it...and see if you can make the next step forward in indie comicry.

-Hadrian Vermouth

10:35 PM  
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