Thursday, September 07, 2006

'THE PANEL' episode from Sept. 7, 2006!


Guest: Tony Millionaire!
Group Book Review: Perfect Example by John Porcellino
Other: Ian reviewed Allison Cole's Neverending Summer,
Joe did Picks of the Week, and so much nerd-dom.

Tune in next week for Raina Telgemeier and our review of Fables #1!
Check out to prepare, fool!

'Sound the Alarm' is amazing,

(\ /) ♫
( . .)

P.S. Annie messes up a lot re: geeking out over 'Heroes':
1) It isn't Jared Padalecki that's going to be in 'Heroes,' it's Milo Ventimiglia.
I feel awful for having mixed up two 'Gilmore' boys.
But their names are so long and ethnic and difficult!
2) It isn't Brittany Snow, it's Hayden Panettiere.
The former was on 'American Dreams,' the latter was in 'Bring it On: All or Nothing.'
AND she did the voice of Dot in 'A Bug's Life.'
Anyway, I switched them up because they're both so blonde
and teenager-y and cheerleaderesque and! and and and

ANYWAY! Link!:


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