Tuesday, June 13, 2006

American Elf Power

Ian just linked me to this Webcomics Examiner review of American Elf, and it sure put some thought blobs in my head.
A Mr. Philip Sandifer references Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, James Kochalka's proclivity towards drawing his own genitalia, and the Seth vs. Kochalka "feud" in a handful of well-written, insightful paragraphs.
A good primer for those who don't read Kochalka's American Elf regularly, and a hearty salad of critical review for those who do.


Blogger Daneman said...

One good turn deserves another,

I am curious as to how the illustrating is, as I am constantly in the company of illustrators lately. Do you have anywhere on the web where work can be viewed?

Watch 'em while he check up on it,


12:50 AM  

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